Suggestions For Maintaining A Swim Spa


China Royal Spa is the go-to place where you can get swim spas for reasonable prices. Click product overview to see some of the best products by this brand. While China Royal Spa offers incredible prices on its products, swim spas are still not the cheapest of products. This means that you will have to maintain them keenly. That’s why this post discusses swim spa maintenance.

Tips for swim spa maintenance

Below are helpful tips for maintaining a swim spa;


The first and perhaps most important tip for maintaining a swim spa is cleaning it. Cleaning this product helps enhance the safety and wellbeing of all its users. It does this by eliminating harmful germs and bacteria from the water and other components of the product. It also helps maintain its aesthetic appeal by removing any stains and spots caused by dirt and germs.

Cleaning your swim spa will also help enhance its durability. By correctly cleaning the product, you help care for its components, hence preventing damages like blockage of the jets and controls caused by the build-up of debris and other forms of dirt.

Additionally, cleaning a swim spa helps maintain its efficiency and working performance. This means that you will not have to worry about the performance of the product. Therefore, a significant part of maintaining your swim spa is cleaning it correctly. Below are some general tips for cleaning a swim spa;

  • Use instructions provided by the manufacturer
  • Do not use harsh products that will damage the finishing and other components
  • Ensure you clean all parts of the product, including the filters
  • Drain the swim spa before cleaning
  • Rinse all the products off correctly before filling the swim spa with fresh water

Practice care before getting into the swim spa

You can also maintain your swim spa by following care tips before getting into the water. Below are some tips for how you can do this;

  • Do not wear lotions and oils when going into the swim spa
  • Avoid using fabric softeners on swimsuits that you use in the swim spa
  • Always do a quick rinse before getting in the swim spa

Practicing the tips mentioned above will help keep your swim spa from getting infected with germs and bacteria faster. However, doing this does not eliminate the need to clean your swim spa. You will need to clean and drain your swim spa often, especially if you notice things like cloudy water.

Covering the swim spa

Another way to maintain your swim spa is by covering it when it is not in use. This tip especially comes in handy for swim spas that are installed outdoors. This is because they are exposed to a wide range of elements that could affect the safety and cleanliness of the product.

Use swim spa water chemicals

You can also use swim spa water chemicals in your swim spa. Doing this will help keep the water clean and safe.


Proper maintenance of a swim spa will not only influence its durability. It will also allow you to enjoy the swim spa and use it at any time. The form of maintenance also depends on the brand and design of the swim spa.


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